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First of all, I would like to thank you for joining me and my family in the fight against spinal muscular atrophy and for your interest in looking at my website and reading about my story. I believe that increasing the awareness of this disease and discussing it more in society will make it easier for me and others affected by SMA in the future. This initiative will make it possible for me to live a dignified and meaningful life, and will subsequently contribute to my self-sufficiency and well being. I will most likely never be able to walk without assistance, and as a child in a wheelchair I will face many challenges in life. Therefore, thank you for being here on my website and for being interested in my story and learning about this disease, and I hope you will feel inclined to share something about this disease with your loved ones. I will be forever grateful if you share my story with your family, friends and acquaintances.

A financial contribution, in any amount, will make a huge impact in my life. Any small donation will make a difference, because as they say, helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person. With my illness, I will need all kinds of assistance and rehabilitation for the rest of my life, and the price these treatments will range from tens to hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, these are not one-time treatments, as the therapy and tools that I need will have to change over time as I grow.

I will also need rehabilitation and physiotherapy frequently and the majority of these treatments are not covered by health insurance. In the future I will also need to arrange barrier-free housing, a special car, etc. For my family, this is financially unmanageable in the long run.

I will be very grateful for any contribution that will help me to live a life that is still full of joy, happiness and possibility. I know it won’t be an easy journey, but I’m ready to push my limits as far as my body allows and maybe a little further – and that’s my dream. If you decide to be a part of my journey, I will be forever grateful, so thank you in advance for any amount that will bring me a little closer to fulfilling this dream.

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